I have been getting flak lately for a statement which I indeed wrote but has since been taken out of context. In an earlier column, I did say that I was “thrilled to be wrong” because the county’s first ever automated elections did not result in an automated failure of elections. It was foremost in […]


Another judge was killed. The story was all too familiar: as Judge Andres Cipriano of the Regional Trial Court of Aparri, Cagayan was about to return to his rented room, one of two motorcycle-riding gunmen shot him at close range and in cold blood. Judge Cipriano thus became the latest victim of extra-judicial killings in […]

ON THE CJ ISSUE: A Breach of the Mandate

Presumptive President-elect Noynoy Aquino has been emphatic: he will not recognize an Arroyo appointed Chief Justice. Arroyo supporters have made this a casus belli against the presumptive President-Elect. Can the presumptive Chief Executive ignore an issue that has been ruled upon by the highest court of the land? His critics say this would be an […]


When we argued against COMELEC-Smartmatic-TIM’s automated election system before the Supreme Court last year, we started our arguments by highlighting logistical nightmares that will surely mar an untested automated system. We likened this year’s automated system to the Automated Teller Machines. We said that unlike COMELEC’s overnight implementation of a nationwide Automated Election System (AES), […]


The Concerned Citizens Movement accepted the offer of Cesar Flores of Smartmatic to turn over his passport as proof that they will not escape from the country. “We are calling in your bluff. Give us all your passports and we will turn them over to Archbishop Oscar Cruz for safekeeping”, declared UP Law Prof. Harry […]

Why Agra should be happy

The recent decision of Acting Justice Secretary Alberto Agra reversing his earlier decision to absolve Zaldy and Akmad Ampatuan from multiple charges filed against them for the Maguindanao massacre is a reason for Agra himself to celebrate. Until the reversal, he came close to beating Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s notoriety as the most hated public officer […]