9 months ago, at least 62 policemen participated in the worse massacre in Philippines history: the Maguindanao massacre. Then last week, at least 9 of them, although their numbers should swell as more evidence are uncovered, were also involved in a torture witnessed in every living room in the country courtesy of a cell phone […]

Third author plagiarized by SC justice complains (from Newsbreak)

Tams – Letter to Supreme CourtMANILA, Philippines—The third of the foreign legal authorities whose works were plagiarized by Supreme Court Justice Mariano del Castillo has written the tribunal to officially express his “concern.” In a letter addressed to the court en banc, Christian J. Tams, a professor of international law at the University of Glasgow, […]


It was not the ideal image to wake-up to. There he was: naked, emaciated and cringing from pain whenever his torturer would pull the rope attached apparently to his sex organ. He was hog-tied like a beast lying on a cold floor. His torturer, on the other hand, was stocky, full of energy, and apparently, […]

International Humanitarian Law on IHL Day

When a fighter from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front beheads a soldier or a civilian, or resorts to cutting off ears and other body parts, he will be subject to an obligation of all states to investigate, prosecute and punish him for a serious breach of International Humanitarian Law. In like manner, a soldier from […]

To SC Spokesperson Midas Marquez: Take heed of the Supreme Court’s own ruling — “Courts and Justices are not sacrosanct.” by Joel Butuyan

SC spokesperson Midas Marquez uses a parochial application of the sub judice rule when he criticized the UP Faculty on the latter’s stand on the plagiarism issue. To stop embarrassing himself, he should read the constitutional right on free speech in relation to the doctrine of “fair comment on matters of public interest” and also […]


A STATEMENT BY THE FACULTY OF THE UP COLLEGE OF LAW An extraordinary act of injustice has again been committed against the brave Filipinas who had suffered abuse during a time of war. After they courageously came out with their very personal stories of abuse and suffering as “comfort women”, waited for almost two decades […]

Airport robbery

I was a bit disappointed when I read that President Noynoy Aquino was jubilant over the government’s alleged win in the International Chamber of Commerce against the Philippine Air Terminals Corporation, builder of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. I was disappointed because obviously, the President was made to comment anew by his advisers on […]