The Tsunami that hit Malcolm

The normally pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of Malcolm Hall in University of the Philippines in Diliman was recently hit by a legal tsunami. The early signs of the impending tsunami became apparent when in support of  the Philippine comfort women’s quest for justice, 37 of my colleagues signed a public statement entitled “Restoring Integrity”. Confirming […]


One of my former students who is now pursuing further studies in the US made an independent review of the ponencia of SC Justice Mariano del Castillo in the “Ang Ladlad” case and listed the following instances of plagiarism: Ladlad ponencia by J. del Castillo Original source  Freedom of expression constitutes one of the essential […]

Further Mistakes of MS Word or more Plagiarism from Justice Del Castillo?

In the earlier case of Ang Ladlad, (GR No. 190582, April 8, 2010) Justice Del Castillo appeared to have committed plagiarism as well. Our study is only preliminary but the exigencies of the situation have compelled us to make this public. In the Ang Ladlad decision allowed a gay rights group to run in the […]


Holding the UP Law Faculty in Contempt Would Be a Grave Mistake Holding the UP Law Faculty in Contempt Would Be a Grave Mistake by Evan Criddle And Evan Fox-Decent [Opinio Juris is delighted to post these remarks by Professors Evan Fox-Decent (McGill) and Evan Criddle (Syracuse) on the fallout from the allegations that their […]

Plagiarism and Kidnapping

The Supreme Court last week promulgated a decision that Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno described in her dissent as one that would create “unimaginable problems for the academia” on how they would hence discipline students and researchers for plagiarism. Justice Sereno was particularly concerned with the majority’s decisions that plagiarism requires intent, which according to her, […]

Sub Judice Rule and Excommunication by Joel Butuyan

A supposed violation of the sub judice rule is most likely a major argument that the Supreme Court will use against the brave UP Faculty members who came out with a commendable statement in the plagiarism issue. If memory serves me right, even in contemporary jury trials in the United States — a country whose […]

Contemptress LOOKING ASKANCE By Joseph Gonzales (The Freeman)

The Supreme Court en banc has spoken – one of its own, recently-appointed Justice Mariano del Castillo, did not commit plagiarism, even when he failed to indicate the sources of some of the passages to be found in his decision. (The subject matter of the case was the 70 women used by the Japanese army […]

Self-Incrimination and a Political Question

I was fuming mad Tuesday when I read last Tuesday that former Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo refused to appear in the Sandiganbayan invoking the right against self-incrimination. Apparently, she used our pending petition in the Supreme Court questioning the Ombudsman’s refusal to investigate her for possible violations of our penal laws as the suit that may give […]

Privacy as a human right: Way to Go P NOY!

President Aquino’s pronouncement in the United States that he would have family planning devices available to those who cannot otherwise afford them ushered in a storm probably surpassing the intensity of Ondoy that hit us last year. On the one hand is the Catholic Church that has traditionally taken the view that artificial contraception is […]