One Year Later

One year after the world’s deadliest attack against journalists, the families of the 58 victims of the Ampatuan massacre continue to hope that their quest for justice will not be in vain. Time, though, does not appear to be on their side. A year later, the numbers are dire: both the prosecution and defense have […]

Kin of massacre victims explore U.N. help on court case

By Yahoo! Southeast Asia Editors – November 23rd, 2010Email Facebook Twitter Print By Mylah Roque, VERA Files For Yahoo! Southeast Asia Relatives of victims of the year-old Maguindanao massacre on Monday sought the help of the visiting United Nations Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Opinion and Expression in speeding up prosecution of members of the […]


I’m back. After a whole semester that seemed like an eternity, I’m back behind the teachers’ desk at the UP College of Law. And because it is the Centennial of the College this year, I was spared from the normal 12 hours of teaching a week and lieu thereof; I get to teach only two […]

First ever “Writ of Kalikasan” filed in CA vs. MERALCO

In the first ever case for the issuance of a writ of kalikasan, residents of Pasay and Makati are seeking the dismantling of electricity transmission poles and lines near their houses. The residents of Barangay 183 in Villamor, Pasay City and Magallanes Village in Makati City filed their petition before the Court of Appeals, arguing […]

Living with Terrorism

Living with terrorism I can only be sympathetic to President Aquino’s complaint that the travel advisories issued by at least nine foreign governments against travel to the Philippines, including Metro-Manila, lack factual basis. To begin with, existing United Nations General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions obligate states to cooperate with each other in the fight […]

Dr. Christian Tams Calls on the Supreme Court to Withdraw its Show Cause Order to the UP Faculty of Law

Dr. Christian Tams, a professor of international law at the University of Glasgow and one of the three scholars whose work was plagiarized by Supreme Court Justice Mariano del Castillo, has written the following commentary at the European Journal of International Law. Here is the link: Philippine Supreme Court Silencing Dissent? Philippine Supreme Court Silencing […]

VINUYA, the Comfort Women Petition: A CLASS PROJECT

It was my first year of full time  teaching at UP Law when Dean Raul Pangalangan and I decided that we should teach a separate elective on International Humanitarian Law. This was a result of a series of training programs that the UP Law Center co-sponsored with the International Committee of the Red Cross on […]