What cost reprieve?

FOREIGN relations is not for the weak. In promoting their national interest, states employ their best poker players as diplomats to bluff, cajole, and threaten if need be. It is not for the faint hearted. Because in asserting what is best for a country, diplomats will employ ruse, lies and gimmickry to achieve what is […]


The good news is that after five or so years, we may finally impeach Merceditas Gutierrez. This is because of the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday dismissing her petition to restraint the House of Representatives from hearing two impeachment complaints against her. The Ombudsman complained that since two petitions were filed against her; to wit, one […]

Victims and reparations

Sigfrid Fortun referred to it as a “breach of discipline”. I referred to it as “continuing trauma”. We were referring to the outburst of Myrna Reblando in the last hearing of the Ampatuan massacre case in Branch 221 of the Regional Trial Court in Quezon City. On the basis of newspaper reports, Myrna, while listening […]

Woman sues RP for gender discrimination before United Nations treaty body CEDAW

Ms. Mariquit E. Soriano files her Communication to the United Nations CEDAW Committee today, represented by Atty. H. Harry L. Roque Jr. of CenterLaw Philippines, alleging violation by the highest court of the land – the Philippine Supreme Court – of her right not to be discriminated against by reason of her gender. The complaint […]

Philippines Get Poor Marks in Rule of Law Index

The Philippines received very poor to poor marks in the World Justice Project’s “Rule of Law Index”. The Index, according to the report, is “a new quantitative assessment tool designed to offer a comprehensive picture of the extent to which countries adhere to the rule of law in practice”. According to the report, the Philippines […]

Ninety billion motives

Now it can be told: there are at least 90 billion reasons behind the murder of Dr. Gerry Ortega, the 142nd journalists to be killed in this country since 1986. The 90 billion represents the “financial assistance” granted to Palawan purportedly pursuant to an interim sharing agreement between the provincial and the national governments over […]