The First Year

It’s hard to be objective in assessing President Noynoy Aquino’s first year in office. He being the historic first to get an overwhelming mandate from the Filipino people, those evaluating Aquino, like me, would like to see him succeed. His victory is shared with the people, while his failure will be borne by the people […]

‘Tongpats’ and the Spratlys

It’s a relief to have a President who is standing up to a bully. Whereas GMA sought to give away Philippine territory in exchange for anomalous Chinese deals, PNoy, even with absolutely no military firepower, has advanced the Philippine claim to the Kalayaan group of islands and the West Philippine seas firmly and without hesitation. […]

Live coverage?

A year and five months after some victims of the Ampatuan massacre asked the court for leave to broadcast the trial live on television and radio, the Supreme Court finally allowed this live coverage, so we thought. In their pleadings, the victims alleged that because every killing of a journalist is prima facie an affront […]

Too late the hero

At long last, the Anti-Money Laundering Council  finally filed a petition to freeze the Ampatuans’ assets with the Court of Appeals. Of course, the CA , because  its Justices are not from another planet, naturally issued a temporary freeze order . The question now is this: Wwill there still be assets to freeze at this […]

On Ampatuan asset freeze: we hope AMLC isn’t too late the hero

We sincerely hope the anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) isn’t playing too late the hero here. This was the reaction today, (June 8, 2011) of lawyer Harry Roque, counsel for some relatives of journalists who perished in the November 23, 2009 Ampatuan massacre after hearing the news that the AMLC has finally obtained a 20-day freeze […]

VIP treatment

It happened last Thursday, the day when this column is regularly published. The prosecution has at least four witnesses ready, three of whom we were going to present as private prosecutors. While Cipriana Gatchalian, wife of slain journalists Santos “Jun” Gatchalian was scheduled to testify, Joseph Jubelag was not. Joseph could have been the 33rd […]