Conference Rush

I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an unprecedented seven lectures in a span of five days. The first three, two of which are done, is in the National University of Malaysia in Bangi, about an hour away from downtown Kuala Lumpur. The occasion here is the 6th Southeast Asia Teaching Seminar on International Humanitarian Law […]

ZALDY’S PLOY AND THE WPP: Lifetime in a safehouse

The last time I engaged a sitting Cabinet member into a word war, that is prior to this recent one, was when Justice Secretary Alberto Agra absolved Zaldy Ampatuan from liability in the Maguindanao massacre case. Prior to the Agra order of dismissal, there was unusual tension between the public prosecutors and us. I did […]


The moro-moro is back. It’s now playing in Malacañang and its lead star is Zaldy Ampatuan. It’s entitled: “give me immunity and I will tell you the truth”.First, there is the attempt to mislead. Zaldy Ampatuan, co-accused in 58 counts of murder in a massacre that has the notoriety of being attributed to his family […]

CCM’s Response to Lacierda and Leah Navarro

The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM)  condemns in the  strongest possible terms the brazen meddling of Secretaries Edwin Lacierda and Jessie Robredo in the conduct of the Ampatuan massacre trial. Lacierda and Robredo have not only usurped the powers of the Secretary of  Justice, they even had  the temerity to  contradict the DOJ Secretary on  a pending case that is  within the sole executive […]

My Response to Edwin Lacierda’s tirades

Let me start by saying that the conduct of Secretary Lacierda yesterday, his resort to name calling, and gutter behavior is sad and lamentable. Secretary Lacierda should be reminded that when he speaks as a Presidential spokesperson, he does so on behalf of the President. His conduct and language did  not give dignity to the […]

Luisita: P Noy’s Victory

Predictably, the Supreme Court decision on Hacienda Luisita had mixed reviews. The left slammed the decision as being blatantly pro-Cojuangco since the Department of Agrarian Reform had long declared the stock distribution option null and void since 1995. Lo and behold, the left lamented that the Court is now saying that the tenants, through yet […]