A financial twister

Let’s prepare for an even bigger typhoon than Pedring that hit us this week. This one promises to be even bigger than Ondoy. In fact, it threatens to be as disastrous as the tsunami that hit Japan. But unlike typhoons or tsunamis, this one is not to be brought upon us by nature. It is […]

South Korea Court Rules Failure to Espouse Claims of its Comfort Women is Unconstitutional

http://www.koreaherald.com/national/Detail.jsp?newsMLId=20110830000909 A top South Korean court said Tuesday that it is unconstitutional for the government to make no tangible effort to settle disputes with Japan over its refusal to compensate Korean women mobilized as sex slaves during its 1910-45 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula. The Constitutional Court ruled in a 6-3 vote that the […]

ICC: The road ahead

Evelyn Serrano of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court asked me to confirm my attendance in this year’s Assembly of State Parties of the ICC. I’ve attended many such assemblies in the past as a delegate of civil society, but never as a national of a state party. This year, the seat of the […]

NBN again?

When then-candidate Noynoy Aquino was courting the electorate, he vowed to annul the anomalous contracts of Arroyo and to hold her and her minions liable for their deeds. Primary of these sins was the scandal about the national broadband network contract with ZTE, which brought a little-known “Jun” Lozada into the limelight. It was Lozada’s […]


Thanks to Julian Assange, we have today the benefits of WikiLeaks. This is an anti-secrecy campaign that has enabled the public to read confidential cables on various topics sent by American diplomats to their home office in Washington, DC. While the American position is not to comment on the substance of these cables, the fact […]

Freedoms and the Spratlys

I’m still abroad as I write this column. I am currently in Bangkok, Thailand doing a training on freedom of expression for Burmese, Laotian, and Cambodian lawyers. It is a bit of an irony that while I am training members of civil society in Southeast Asia on the value of this freedom in creating a […]