Ampatuan victims versus Arroyo

     At 2:15 yesterday afternoon, 15 victims of the Ampatuan massacre filed a P15-million damage suit versus Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The victims had three causes of action: one, aiding and abetting the Ampatuans for the massacre; two, violation of their constitutional rights (the rights to life and freedom of the press of the victims); and […]

What next GMA and P Noy?

At long last, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was finally charged in Court. While it took P Noy more than 500 days to do so, it took just the possibility of her flight to get P Noy’s people moving to charge her. Absent this Information in the Regional Trial Court of Pasay, GMA would have been able […]

Ode to Dean Maggi’s new baby

I was supposed to read this reflection at the launching of Dean Merlin Magallona’s new book at Malcolm Hall last Wednesday, but I missed the affair because of an urgent business that had to be done. The new “baby” is part of the UP Law Centennial Textbook project. In these days of Google, Wikipedia and […]

We will pursue GMA wherever she goes — Roque

FOR MEDIA RELEASE Contact Person : AILEEN GARCIA 09228952116 Lawyer Harry Roque said yesterday he will pursue and hold accountable for her crimes Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo wherever she goes, following the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the former President to travel abroad purportedly to seek medical help. “This is distressful to the nation,” said Roque […]


We can only sigh at GMA”s political astuteness. Convinced that she could no longer hang on to power, she made crucial appointments at the very last minute, including the Chief Justice. Now her investments have paid off. The Court gave her license to have impunity by allowing her to leave. Who believes her word that […]

Arroyo’s rights

Of course I agree with Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. The bigger national interest dictates that Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her husband should not be allowed to leave the country. As attested to by no less than the Secretary of Health, her illness is not one that cannot be addressed by Filipino doctors. The […]

Danke, Germany!

Berlin was a pleasant surprise. While my trip there last week was not my first, it might as well be. Prior to last week, I was last in Berlin after the wall had just fallen. Fifteen years ago, it was a giant construction area with former West Germans warning that travel to the former east […]