The wrong IBP statement

Was both sad and disappointed when the Integrated Bar of the Philippines took the stand that the impeachment against Chief Justice Renato Corona was an affront to the independence on the Judiciary. Sad because I hold the IBP very dearly, having served as its Presidential Assistant for Human Rights for two years during the incumbency […]

Morality in the impeachment process

Am very much bothered by pronouncements made by the members and the chairman of the House Committee on Justice that they will abandon the impeachment proceeding against Justice Mariano del Castillo. The reason given was that the House could not handle the prosecution of the Corona impeachment and that of del Castillo at the same […]

10-4-9 for removal of Corona

So it happened. A few days after my column last week where I exhorted the impeachment of both Chief Justice Renato Corona and Associate Justice Mariano Del Castillo, the President, weary of yet another TRO from the Arroyo court -asked his allies in Congress to impeach the Chief Justice. And while I have maintained that […]

On the Supreme Court: Target individuals, spare the institution

It’s difficult to take a stand in the on-going spat between P -Noy and the Supreme Court. To begin with, the problem would not have occurred if only P-Noy was true to his word when he was campaigning for the presidency that he would never recognize an unconstitutional Chief Justice. P-Noy, while a non-lawyer, certainly […]

Lee will make a great envoy

Businessman and civic leader Domingo Lee is highly respected in the Chinese-Filipino community and business circles. His rise from relative poverty and anonymity to leadership in entrepreneurship and civic work is a testament to his competence, wisdom and will to achieve. His achievements and potential for effective public service, however, are lost on some people. […]