Raging Legal issues in the United States

WASHINGTON DC — Americans too have been focused on at least two court proceedings. The first is a challenge to President Barack Obama’s flagship initiative on heath care reforms, which 26 states argue is unconstitutional.  The second is the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a gated community in Florida. The first is a challenge […]


The Revised Penal Code’s provisions penalizing libel is “incompatible with Article 19, paragraph three of the International Covenant on Civil Political Rights”, or freedom of expression. This was the View expressed by the Human Rights Committee in a View adopted during the 103rd session of the UN Body. The Committee is a treaty monitoring body […]

Testimonies and human experience

     Yes, Demetrio Vicente, the first substantive witness for Chief Justice Renato Corona, appeared to be credible. He answered questions candidly and his demeanor suggested he was telling the truth. The problem though is his actuations notwithstanding, his testimony runs contrary to both logic and human experience. Defense lawyers presented the testimony of Vicente […]


  NOY’S HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD Geneva, Switzerland. The Philippines will be the object of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in May of this year by the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Council is a body composed of 47 states tasked with the protection and promotion of human rights. The Council seeks to achieve its […]