A (temporary) victory for free speech

  In the 1936 case of Tañada versus Electoral Commission, the Supreme Court held that when the Court strikes down an act of any other branch of government for being contrary to law and the Constitution, it is not exercising judicial supremacy but upholding the supremacy of the Constitution. This was exactly what the Court […]

TRO signals that enforcement of Cyberprevention law will cause injustice and irreparable injury

The Center for International Law and the Media Defense SouthEast Asia, counsels for journalists/petitioners  in Alexander Adonis et al vs. Executive Secretary- hail today’s temporary restraining order issued by the Supreme Court  as a big victory for freedom of expression. While not yet a declaration that the law is unconstitutional, the TRO nonetheless is judgement […]

The Black and White Movement as urban poor?

  Commission on Elections Chairman Sixto Brilliantes Jr. knows what he was saying when he described our party list system as a big joke. It is sad that a novelty of the 1987 Constitution intended to increase the representation of the marginalized groups in our society has been bastardized by trapos. And no, it is […]