PETITION VS CYBERCRIMES LAW AMENDED The Center for International law and the Southeast Asia Media Defense, counsels for Davao based broadcaster Alexander Adonis, amended yesterday their petition to have the recent Cybercrimes Prevention Act of 2012 declared unconstitutional. In their amended Petition, Centerlaw asked the Supreme Court to expressly declare Art. 355 of the Revised […]

Letter of love for Christmas 2: To the Magdalos with love

Angie (not her real name) was apprehended together with suspected members of the Magdalo somewhere in Filinvest, Quezon City in July of 2006. It was alleged that they intended to blow up Batasan Pambansa. She was charged, together with the alleged Magdalos, with the crime of coup d’etat. She somehow eluded detention and lived literally […]

Letters of love for Christmas 1

Letters of love for Christmas 1 (Since Christmas is the season of love, I am sharing with our readers two letters of love appropriate for the yuletide season. Neither letter is about love between a man and a woman, but they talk about love – nonetheless. The first is a letter from a daughter to […]

Awed during the second national IHL summit

(I delivered the keynote address entitled “In Awe” during the Second International Humanitarian Law Summit at Malacañang yesterday. I am publishing here excerpts of my address where I explained why I was “in awe”.) I am awed because not too long ago, civil society — which I belong to, was excluded in the task of […]

A feat for UMNO

It appears that it is not just my former colleague Marvic Leonen, who was rewarded with an appointment to the Supreme Court, who benefitted from the “rushed” signing of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro Political Region. The signing of the same, while a source of hope to all Filipinos that peace would finally be […]