Text of our Memorandum Against the Cybercrimes Prevention Act

REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES SUPREME COURT MANILA     ALEXANDER ADONIS, VERAFILES INCORPORATED, represented by its President, ELLEN TORDESILLAS, MA. GISELA ORDENES-CASCOLAN, H. HARRY L. ROQUE, JR., ROMEL R. BAGARES, AND GILBERT T. ANDRES, Petitioners,   -versus- G.R. No. 203378 For: Certiorari and Prohibition, with Prayer for a Preliminary Prohibitory Injunction and/ or Temporary Restraining […]

China’s snub: lost opportunity to prove its claim to the West Philippine Sea

Only two hours ago,   the Chinese Foreign Ministry through Ambassador Ma informed Filipino diplomats  that they were rejecting the notice to arbitrate and the statement of claims which the Philippines furnished the Chinese delegation in Manila to arbitrate the legality of the Chinese nine-dash lines under the compulsory and mandatory dispute settlement procedure of the […]

China Snubs Arbitration

A piece of news from xinhua weibo (facebook) an hour ago. Hong Lei spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  China said that Ambassador  Ma met  Philippine diplomats   today. He informed the Filipino diplomats tChina is not acceptable to the note and notice about arbitrition from the Philippine side and therefore returned it. […]

China advised not to snub arbitration

Opinio Juris First Signs that China Is Taking the Philippines Arbitration Seriously? Posted: 15 Feb 2013 10:35 PM PST by Julian Ku As far as I can tell, the Chinese government continues to pretend as if the Philippines’ Law of the Sea arbitration claim doesn’t exist. Articles like this one suggest the Philippines government continues […]


A motion for issuance of writ of execution was filed yesterday with the Supreme Court in the case of Salonga et. al. versus Executive Secretary. Recall that former Senate President Jovito Salonga attempted to declare the Visiting Forces Agreement unconstitutional in connection with the then criminal prosecution of US Serviceman Lance Corporal Daniel Smith who […]

Motion for Writ of Execution to Renegotiate VFA

REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES SUPREME COURT En Banc, Manila     SUZETTE NICOLAS y SOMBILON,                                     Petitioner, – versus-                                                        G.R. No. 175888   ALBERTO ROMULO, IN HIS CAPACITY AS SECRETARY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, ET. AL.,                                     Respondents. x———————————————–x JOVITO R. SALONGA, ET. AL.,                                     Petitioners,             -versus-                                                         G.R. No. 176051   DANIEL SMITH, ET. […]

Offending religious feelings

  I did not want to write about Carlos Celdran. As a religious person myself, I found what he did—picketing and disturbing a religious event—offensive and in bad taste. I probably would have been incensed if I were one of those then worshipping at Manila Cathedral. But because public opinion, at least among netizens, appears […]

Seabed a hotbed of controversy for Philippines, China Thomas Maresca, Special for USA TODAY4:34a.m. EST January 22, 2013

China has been dispatching ships and aircraft to enforce its ownership of the South China Sea, infuriating Asian nations whose coastlines also approach the sea. (Photo: Thomas Maresca) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Masinloc fishermen fished in shoal for centuries Seabed also contains huge deposits of oil and natural gas There was a confrontation in April between the […]