PPCRV’s Betrayal of Public Trust

A STATEMENT BY CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS: The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) was organized as a citizens’ arm to promote, inter alia, “clean, honest, accurate, meaningful” elections. In the conduct of the 2010 elections and its actuation hence, PPCRV’s leadership has subverted its mandate. Illegitimate and Unauthenticated 2010 Electoral Results Foreign Election Observers […]

New Encounter with Ampatuan Suspects

From our informant on the ground: another Pvt armies of d Ampatuan headd by a person known as Kagi Daynga (KD) raidd by CIDG-PNP backup by AFP at Sarip Aguak, Mgd dis morning. KD & his group resisted but he died. encuentro stil going on as of dis time. per raw info: dead c Kagi […]

Forum on “The Sultanate of Sulu and Its Pursuit to Reclaim Sabah”

“The Sultanate of Sulu and Its Pursuit to Reclaim Sabah” An International Law Forum by the Institute of International Legal Studies (IILS) of the University of the Philippines, College of Law Friday, March 15,2013 8:30 am – 12 noon 1st floor Lecture Hall, Bocobo Hall UP Law Center, Diliman, Quezon City Click here for the […]

Malaysia’s crimes against humanity?

  It’s increasingly becoming clear that Malaysian authorities have no regard whatsoever for their duty under international human rights law to protect and promote the right to life of the Filipinos in Sabah, and their right to a judicial determination of guilt before the imposition of the death penalty. To date, the death toll has […]