Lessons from Boston

Lessons from Boston. Copadoccia, Turkey—I was in Boston with my family just two weeks ago. I thought it was important for my two children to visit the city and appreciate its anti-colonial heritage. The US was not always its own state. It too had to struggle for its independence, much in the same way that […]

‘Comfort women’ continue to fight for rights | ABS-CBN News

This clip was aired during the April 14, 2013 TV Patrol Weekend news. The news team of Pinky Webb went to Mapanique, Candaba, Pampanga to talk to the Malaya Lolas. The Center for International Law (Centerlaw) filed the manifestation with motion to admit at the Supreme Court in behalf of the Malaya Lolas. Centerlaw is […]

Its Singapore Management U vs. National U of Bangolore for Finals at Jessup cup

Two Asian teams from Singapore and India are the top finalists in the on-going Jessup Cup in Washington DC. The two team bested 116 other national and regional champions that competed in Washington DC. More than 600 teams from 80 countries competed in this year’s Jessup cup worldwide, making it the largest Jessup competition thus […]

Team Philippines Advances to Run-Off vs Jamaica

Team Philippines with 3 wins and 1 loss in the preliminary rounds advanced to the Run-Off in the on-going Phillip Jessup Moot Court Competition in Washington DC. The match will take place today, April 4, 2013 at 9AM EST. They will face the team from Jamaica. The UP Law contingent will be  Applicant int he […]

Team Philippines Respondent versus Applicant Russia

Team Philippines squared off with team Russia in its last preliminary round in the on-going Phillip Jessup Moot competition. Last year, Team Philippines was defeated by Moscow State University in the semi-finals round before the Russian team clinched the Jessup cup. The 36 teams out of the 118 competing in Washington DC that will move […]

Team Philippines Faced US Team

Team Philippines faced its first American opponent from the Loyola Law School, 2nd placer in the Midwest regional rounds. This was the third of four mandatory preliminary rounds for the Team. While no winners are declared in these rounds, the performance of Team Philippines was clearly superior to its opponent. Team Philippines which argued the […]

27 Filipinos Petition UN vs. Massive Human Rights Abuses in Sabah

  Last Monday afternoon, 27 concerned Filipino citizens, who are part of civil society organizations (CSO), filed separate communications before two United Nations agencies. A ‘communication’ is a petition before an international body. They urged these two UN agencies to investigate the massive and gross human rights abuses committed on Filipinos in Sabah by Malaysian […]

Team Philippines Faced Team Latvia in First Match at Jessup

Team Philippines faced Team Latvia in its first general round in the International Rounds of the Phillip Jessup Moot Court Competition in Washington DC. Today’s competition involves 600 teams from 80 countries worldwide and is the largest moot competition worldwide. While no winner was announced, Team Philippines was commended by the judges for their absolute […]

Communication to the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights

Ms. Navanethem Pillay UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights OHCHR- Palais Wilson United Nations Office at Geneva CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland     Manila, 21 March 2013     Urgent appeal in relation to the massive and gross human rights violations committed against Filipinos in […]