MD-SEA: Phil gov’t obligated to timely compensate maguindanao massacre kins

26June 2013, Manila – Media Defense Southeast Asia (MD-SEA) expressed dismay at the Philippine government’s statement that it is not obligated to pay compensation to the relatives of the Maguindanao massacre victims. MD-SEA referred to deputy Palace spokesperson Abigail Valte’s Tuesday radio interview statement over state-run Radyong Bayan where she said “We don’t agree with […]

Ampatuan victims open to negotiated settlement due to delay in trial

Story from Vera Files and Yahoo Philippines TIRED of the slow pace of justice, relatives of 14 of the 58 fatalities in the November 2009 Ampatuan massacre had signed an agreement with an “emissary” of the accused to negotiate the settlement of the murder case for P50 million. But no settlement has been reached to […]

AMPATUAN VICTIMS TO SEEK REDRESS WITH UN COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS. 14 Victims signed authority to negotiate a settlement with Ampatuans

On the occasion of the 43rd month commemoration of the Ampatuan massacre, Prof. Harry Roque, Chairman of the Center for International Law and Private Prosecutor of 17 media victims of the massacre, announced that their clients will resort to a filing of a communication with the United Nations Human Rights Committee for the Philippine government’s […]

Big Brother Spying

Americans were enraged when whistleblower Edward Snowden declared that the government was spying on them. According to the whistleblower, he was one of those whose job was to eavesdrop on phone conversations and access email communication without court authorization. This was shocking to the public because of well-established US jurisprudence that protects the people’s right […]

Joint Supplemental Request for Investigation and Complaint-Affidavit vs. COMELEC filed at the Ombudsman today

Text of the  Joint Supplemental Request for Investigation and Complaint-Affidavit   filed at the Office of the Ombudsman today, June 18, 2013, by individual members of the Automated Election System Watch (AES Watch) against the incumbent Commissioners of the COMELEC  for their failure to protect the sanctity of the ballot in the conduct of the May 13, 2013 elections. […]

Pugad Baboy and freedom of expression

There appears to be some misunderstanding on the nature of freedom of expression lately. The trigger was a comic strip, the renowned Pugad Baboy. In the strip that invited protest from the normally nonchalant nuns of St. Scholastica’s College, a character remarked : “Galit kayo sa mga gays and lesbians pero sa mga sagrado Katolikong […]

Phil State Responsibility for the Shooting in Balintang Channel

Newspapers quoted sources ,who have seen the videotape of our Coastguard’s shooting of the Taiwanese vessel in Balintang channel that killed one Taiwanese fishermen, as saying  that our men were “laughing” as they sprayed the unarmed fishing vessel with no les than 47 rounds of bullets from assault weapons. This should preclude the allegation  of […]