Christmas thoughts on corruption

It cannot be denied that the nation was rocked this year with unprecedented allegations of corruption. And because it is Christmas, let me dwell on this topic in the context of what the Bible says about corruption. Corruption undermines what God instructs us to do. In Isaiah. 58:66, God instructed the faithful: “Is this not the […]

Impeach the gods (again)?

There’s a twist in the continuing Marinduque drama involving elected Rep. Regina O. Reyes and defeated candidate Lord Allan Velasco. While the Supreme Court decided 5-4 to uphold an earlier resolution of the Commission on Elections annulling the certificate of candidacy of Reyes on the basis of a blog entry that she is an American, […]

Fences and hope in Madiba’s South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa — Fences. They’re all over Madiba’s South Africa. They are part of South Africa’s everyday life, a testament to its recent history. And they’re not just ordinary fences. They’re built of steel or hard concrete. Many of them do not just have spikes on top of them. Instead, they have electric wires. […]

On International Human Rights Day— MDSEA urges 3 UN Special Rapporteurs: intervene now in the continuing killings of Filipino journalists

10 December 2013—On International Human Rights Day, Media Defence Southeast Asia (MDSEA) urged 3 UN Special Rapporteurs to urgently intervene in the continuing incidents of extrajudicial killings of Filipino journalists. MDSEA reported to the 3 UN Special Rapporteurs that within two weeks of the 4th year commemoration of the Maguindanao massacre, two radio broadcasters were […]

EJIL account of our exchange with Judge Xue of China

Here’s an account by University of Hawaii’s Dr. Diane Desiert of my exchange with  China’s Judge Hanqin Xue of the International Court of Justice  Blog of the European Journal of International Law during the Fourth Biennial Conference of the Asian Society of International Law (AsianSIL) held in New Delhi, India from 14 to 16 November, 2013. […]