It took a celebrity to call attention to the inherent weakness of our criminal justice system. By now, only Filipinos in Mars have not heard of what happened to the comedian. Apparently, he visited a woman who speaks like Melanie Marquez. Then he was beaten black and blue, probably sexually humiliated, illegally detained and made […]

Bloggers equally protected as journalists

BLOGGERS enjoy the same protection as journalists. This was the recent ruling of the US Court of Appeals in  the case of Obsidian Finance Group v. Cox. In this case, Crystal Cox, a blogger, claimed that Obsidian finance company was guilty of tax fraud. The US District Court earlier found Cox guilty of defamation and awarded the […]

PDI editorial: “When does religious faith become bigotry?”

Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial (24 January 2014) discusses why the last-minute lawsuit to stop an international forum on reproductive health is  anti-freedom of expression. Here is the link to the editorial: http://opinion.inquirer.net/70191/bigots#ixzz2rHFv5gVd Bigots When does religious faith become bigotry? When it assumes the worst about those who don’t share the same religion or religious point of view. When […]

PDI’s Rina Jimenez-David on Free speech and Reproductive Health (24 January 2014)

Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist  Rina Jimenez-David discusses in her column today her experience when she attended the hearing at the Pasay City on a petition for a temporary restraining order against the Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights. Today is the last day of the international forum being held at the Philippine International Convention […]

Women’s Free Speech: Centerlaw hails non-issuance of TRO vs RH Forum

24 January 2014, Manila— Center for International Law Philippines, Inc. (CenterLaw) hails the decision of the Pasay City Regional Trial Court not to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) against an on-going international conference on reproductive health at the Philippine International Convention Center. The 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights […]

Prior restraint, Tacloban and Corona

I am forced to rush the writing of this column because I have to proceed  to the Pasay Regional Trial Court. Apparently, Jo Imbong and  son filed an application for a temporary restraining order to stop the holding of a conference on Reproductive Health currently being attended by 1,500 delegates from all over the world. […]

Access to electricity is a human right

I was one of those who called over the weekend for Congress to declare a state of national emergency and grant the President the power to temporarily take over the running of both the power generation and distribution industries. This was in response to Meralco’s statement that the temporary restraining order issued recently by the […]

Graft in Tacloban

I had dinner recently with Mayor Alfred Romualdez of Tacloban City. That was a first. I have been consistently an anti-Marcos activist since my grade school days. I’ve always thought that the Philippines would be a better place without the Marcoses and their conjugal half, the Romualdezes. Like the Aquino’s, my mother’s immediate family, including […]

Human rights highlights in 2013

This will be an annual tradition. For as long as I have a column to write, I will devote my first column of the year to a summary of the highlights for human rights in the Philippines. For the year 2013, here are what I consider the highlights: 1. The detention and maltreatment of Tausug […]