Rejoice for Edsa 28?

We commemorated the 28th anniversary of the first People Power Revolution this week. As is customary, we ask the question: are we better off today, 28 years after the dictatorship? In fairness to everybody, we are definitely better off living in today’s nominal democracy compared to the absolute dictatorship of the past. For one, we […]

The fight versus cyberlibel continues

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the constitutionality of libel in the Cybercrimes Prevention Act of 2012. This is both unfortunate and disturbing. Our Supreme Court, as early as Angara vs. Electoral Tribunal, is recognized as a co-equal branch of government despite its lack of political and military power because its task is to uphold […]

The high court should not abdicate its duty to protect freedom of expression

After the oral argument on the ‘Anti-Cybercrime Act of 2012’ at the Supreme Court (Jan. 15, 2013) “The high court should not abdicate its duty to protect freedom of expression. No less than the U.N. Human Rights Committee has already declared that Philippine Criminal Libel Law is contrary to Freedom of Expression. The Court’s decision […]

Ruby Tuason and the WPP: Some criminals are luckier than others

The recent admission of pork barrel scam co-conspirator Ruby Tuason highlights anew the political nature of the Witness Protection Program. Contrary to popular thinking, the WPP and the discharge of a witness as a state witness are two different things. The first is an executive act which, for all intents and purposes, is under the […]

Totally uncalled for

Totally uncalled for. While the Chinese may be expansionists, they’re certainly not genociders. The President, because we have initiated arbitration, should no longer comment on the issue. Calling our Chinese neighbors Nazis certainly does not bode well for peaceful resolution of the dispute.

The Massacre Victims of Luneta and Maguindanao

The victims of the Luneta massacre —Chinese tourists from Hong Kong —and the victims of the Maguindanao massacre have much in common. Both were victims of multiple murders at the hands of state agents. The Luneta Hong tourists died in the hands of Rolando Mendoza and the inept PNP members, many of whom also shot […]