Butch Abad

I do not know if Butch Abad has become corrupt. But I did know him to be an upright and honorable man. I’ve known Butch for about 30 years now. As an original member of the Liberal Party, I had the pleasure of meeting him as the party’s official candidate for Congressman in the lone […]

Scenarios for the accused

Now that it appears imminent that the Motion for Reconsideration from a finding of probable cause against “Tanda”, “Sexy” and “Pogi” would be dismissed, what are some of the likely scenarios that may happen soon? First, on the issue of how the three Information will be heard by the Sandiganbayan, it is certain that these […]

Pigs all

Now it can be told: they were all pigs. While Malacanang may have intended its witch-hunt to be limited to the political opposition with the recent cases field against Tanda, Pogi and Sexy, the dangerous maneuver has since boomeranged and the pig stench now goes all the way to Malacanang. We now know that Napoles […]

World Press Freedom day

It was sad that the annual commemoration of the right that has enabled democracy to exist, freedom of the press, came and went without any form of commemoration in the Philippines. Not only that, instead of a fitting celebration, PNoy himself appeared to have belittled the value of a free press when he responded, on […]

The EDCA: What's in it for us?

Why should we allow ourselves to be attacked by the enemies of the US when the US has not given us the same assurance it had given Japan that it would come to our assistance against China? Let’s compare exactly what President Barack Obama promised the Japanese and what he promised us. “Our commitment to […]