No conflict between Public and Private Prosecutors in Ampatuan Massacre Case: It’s a conflict between Attys Nena Santos ,Prima Quinsayas and everyone else Ref. Prof. H. Harry L. Roque, Jr. 09175398096

“There’s no conflict between the public and private prosecutors in the Ampatuan massacre case. The conflict is between Attys Nena Santos and Prima Quinsayas and everyone else”, this was the reaction of Prof. H. Harry L. Roque, Jr., private prosecutor for 15 media victims in the massacre. Roque was reacting to the statement of Atty […]

A Decent SONA

I would have wanted to hear his policy directions for the last two years of his term, which he had nothing to say about. Still, PNoy’s latest State of the Nation Address the other day was decent. To begin with, four years into his term, PNoy finally ceased passing the buck to anyone. Gone were […]

MH17 and war crimes

The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines 17 over the territory of Ukraine should indeed be a source of great alarm. To begin with, airline travel has toady become the primary mode of transportation for passengers. I log in no less than 50,000 miles per year because I am engaged in the practice of International Law. […]

Petitioners file Motion for Partial Reconsideration of SC decision on DAP

P-Noy cannot augment funds for approved government projects, activities and programs (PAPs) in the annual General Appropriations Act (GAA) through his controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) beyond what he had originally recommended to Congress. To allow him to do so violates the mechanisms for checks and balances provided in the Constitution and opens the budget […]

The President as a bully

I could not believe my ears. There he was- the President of the Republic—acting like the head of the Sputnik gang, with apologies to the gang. Sure, no one likes to lose. But when you want to reconsider a loss, you should argue on the basis of law and reasons- at least if its the […]

Petitioners to seek partial reconsideration of SC decision on DAP

Centerlaw Press Release Reference: Prof. Harry L. Roque, Jr. 09175398096 A group of Petitioners against the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) will seek a partial reconsideration of the DAP Decision to force the Supreme Court to implement the laws that require that savings can only be used for augmentation of deficient appropriations according to lawyer Harry […]

The problem that is Lacierda

“You seem to equate constitutionality with criminality, those are two different things the basic question is nawaldas ba yung pera?” These were the words of Presidential bad mouth Edwin Lacierda. This is the problem with PNoy. He has opted to trust misfits like Lacierda. Lacierda was obviously asleep when his teachers in Constitutional Law and […]

Criminal liability for DAP

This is one of our biggest wins. On Tuesday, the Court voting almost unanimously (because J. Teresita De Castro took no part) declared all the features of DAP which we impugned as being unconstitutional as illegal. Specifically, newspapers reported Budget Circular 541 issued by the Department of Budget and Management allowing it to withdraw “unobligated […]

Notice of Coverage

Request for Coverage Reference: Prof. Harry L. Roque, Jr. 09175398096 Today, July 2, 2014, 1:30 pm at Max’s Restaurant (1123 M.Y. Orosa Street, corner U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila), Centerlaw and the Roque & Butuyan Law offices will hold a press conference on the recent court decisions on the following cases: 1) Rev Magnolia Mendoza vs […]