The Sol-Gen’s defense of EDCA

It was Florin Hilbay’s first appearance as acting Solicitor-General last Tuesday when he defended the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement before the Supreme Court. Unlike petitioners who divided the issues identified by the Court amongst five speakers, Sol-Gen Hilbay defended EDCA alone. As a former Associate of Retired Justice Vicente Mendoza, it was expected that Hilbay […]

Oral arguments versus EDCA

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday on why the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement is unconstitutional. There were five petitioners who argued: Former Senator Rene Saguisag, who made opening statements; Dean Pacifico Agabin who discussed issues of justiciability and standing; I discussed the crux of the petition, that is that EDCA allows the presence of […]

Request for Coverage : Laude family to file "Petition-In-Intervention" against EDCA at SC today

Centerlaw Release References: Professor Harry L. Roque Jr. 09175398096 and Atty. Gilbert T. Andres 09228952111 Julita S. Laude, the mother of Jennifer Laude, along with Marilou and Michelle Laude, Jennifer’s sisters, will file a “Petition-In-Intervention” against the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) at the Supreme Court today, 17 November 2014, at 1:30 pm. Jennifer, a […]

Thrust and parry on EDCA

The Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments on the constitutionality of the Expanded Defense Cooperation Agreement on Tuesday, 18 November. The core issue for determination by the Court is whether the EDCA is a treaty, which allows the presence of foreign bases, troops or facilities in the country. If so, Sec 25, Art VIII of the […]

Request for Coverage

Reference: Professor Harry L. Roque, Jr. 09175398096 Atty. Harry Roque, lead counsel of the family of Jennifer Laude, will file a complaint against military officials before the Supreme Court, tomorrow at 1pm.

The AFP’s complaint and Secretary De Lima

The AFP’s filing of disbarment charges against me yesterday is anti-climactic to their repeated threats that they would do so for the past ten days. I welcome it and will answer it in due course. I hope that with its filing, the AFP can now concentrate on running after the Abu Sayyaf and defending our […]

Malaysian Courts on Trial: The case of Anwar Ibrahim

I have been a trial observer in Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trials since 1999. In fact, I have only missed to observe his trial once -that was when the Malaysian Court of Appeals overturned the High Court’s previous decision acquitting him from all charges. I made it a point hence to observe oral arguments in Ibrahim’s […]

My Reaction to AFP filing disbarment against me

Its good AFP filed disbarment complaint against me. It will clarify a lawyer’s role in pushing victims rights and natl sovereignty. On my part, I will file graft charges vs AFP. Its graft when they allow the US to have custody over Pemberton in Aguinaldo. If they win, I will be disbarred. If I win, […]