Manifestation with Urgent Motion to set Arraignment

Click here for the pdf copy of the Manifestation with Urgent Motion to set Arraignment filed by Marilou Laude, via counsel, on Janury 29, 2015 at the Olongapo RTC. Republic of the Philippines THIRD JUDICIAL REGION REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Branch 74, Olongapo City PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Plaintiff, Criminal Case No. 865-14 For: Murder – […]

Professor H. Harry L. Roque's statement on the arrest of Mayor Binay:

The Senate order to arrest Mayor Junjun Binay comes at a time when the country is in deep national mourning over the massacre of so many of our police heroes. It comes at a time when the people await complete and transparent explanation from its leaders on the true circumstances why our bravest and most […]

War crime in Mamasapano

We can count on my kumadre, star reporter Christine “Mamu” Herrera of this newspaper, to scoop all other broadsheets and news outfits for the truth particularly on sensational stories such as the Mamasapano massacre that claimed the lives of no less than 40 members of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. Now […]

Statement from Atty. H. Harry L. Roque Jr., counsel to the Laudes :

The dismissal of Pemberton’s Petition is very good news. We commend the Department of Justice (DOJ) for its prompt action and for frustrating Pemberton’s delaying tactics. We can now proceed to prove his guilt. The nation deserves to know the truth, while the victim deserves justice.

Falling on deaf ears

Pope Francis proved himself to be the biggest “rock star” who invaded our country. With an estimated 6 to 7 million braving the rain to hear his final mass at Luneta, the Pontiff has clearly proven that he is the single most loved person in this country. The closest who could rival his drawing power […]

Je Suis Charlie!

This past week saw two very serious threats to freedom of expression. The first was the worst terrorist attack in Paris, France in 50 years that left 10 journalists dead. All ten were then attending an editorial meeting of the publication Charlie Hebdo, a tabloid popular renown for its satire. Amongst the subject of its […]

Motion Hearing for Laude Case

Request for Coverage References: Professor Harry L. Roque Jr. 09175398096 and Atty. Gilbert T. Andres 09228952111 The Motion hearing for the “Motion for Reconsideration” to the December 23, 2014 Order filed by Marilou S. Laude, via counsel, is set tomorrow, Wednesday, 14 January 2015 at 10:00 AM at the Olongapo Regional Trial Court. Please click […]

Laude files Motion for Reconsideration to the December 23 Order

Please click here for a copy of the Motion for Reconsideration filed on January 9, 2014 by Marilou Laude, by counsel, to the December 23, 2014 Order of the Olongapo Regional Trial Court based on the following legal grounds: I. The 3-day notice rule is not absolute. Its rationale is satisfied when there is an […]

Christmas holiday

It was tough to celebrate Christmas this year. For the first time in many years, I failed to give even my closest friends and ninong and ninangs presents because of my very hectic litigation calendar. Literally, I left Olongapo on the 23rd of December to ensure that I was in the loop in the latest […]

Kin of Laude opposes Pemberton’s petition for review

Reference: Atty Harry Roque 09175398096 The family of murdered Jennifer Laude today filed a 34-page opposition to Pemberton’s petition for review with the Department of Justice. According to Marilou Laude, sister of Jennifer, Pemberton’s petition is bereft of merit. Pemberton decried and alleged violation of due process when the panel of prosecutors decided that there […]

10 Highlights in Human Rights for 2014

Happy New Year, Philippines! For a second time, here are 10 highlights in the field of human rights in the Philippines for the year that just passed: 1. In February, the Philippine Supreme Court rendered a split decision on the constitutionality of the Cybercrimes Prevention Act. Critics of the law argued that its provisions on […]