Laude family to seek Sec. De Lima's help today at DOJ 10:45 am

Reference Atty. H. Harry L. Roque Jr.09175398096   The Laude family seeks the assistance of DOJ Secretary De Lima in replacing Emily Delos Santos as Chief Prosecutor in the trial against Joseph Scott Pemberton for the murder of Jennifer Laude.   The Laude family will be at the DOJ today, 10:45 AM.

Law of the jungle

Now it can be said. Despite being one of the world’s mega-cities, Metro Manila appears to be governed by the law of the jungle. It is a unique jurisdiction where the police, normally tasked with implementing judicial orders, are the first to defy them. It is unique since it’s possibly the only jurisdiction where cabinet […]


It was interesting that former Assemblyman and Governor Homobono Adaza recently filed a criminal complaint for treason against PNoy and the members of the Philippine peace panel. Treason is defined as the “act of levying war against the Philippines or adhering to its enemies, giving them aid or comfort within the Philippine Islands or elsewhere”. […]

VP Binay should succeed

Now that the clamor for P Noy to resign because of the Mamasapano fiasco has found steam, the question asked by many is: who should succeed him? Unfortunately, while the Constitution is very clear that he should be succeeded by Vice-President Jejomar Binay, many muddle the issue by insisting on the unconstitutional option that a […]