Hypocrisy on the death squads

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s recent admission that he has   “ties” with the dreaded Davao Death Squad is old news. Those who know about the killings perpetrated by the death squads also know that somehow, the death squads operate with permission, if not upon orders of the mayor. If at all, his latest admission is warning to […]

Schizophrenia on boat people II

The Aquino administration has yet another policy schizophrenia on what to do with the Rohingya boat people crisis. Last Monday, newspaper reports quoted Presidential Spokesman Herminio Coloma saying that the Rohingya boat people will be “pushed back to sea.” Coloma made this remark in the context that today’s modern boat people do not possess travel documents. […]

Binay and the P600-million hoax

You have to give it to Vice President’s Jejomar Binay’s detractors. Not content with the unprecedented 21 Senate hearings against him, they have succeeded this time in freezing the assets of at least 33 individuals allegedly because they benefited from the overpriced buildings in Makati. This is a PR coup for the handlers of Mar […]

The divide on freedom of expression

An interesting development in media law is the widening gap between American and European jurisdiction on three areas of  freedom of expression: privacy, hate speech and liabilities for Internet service providers. On the issue of privacy, American jurisprudence insists that public persons, or celebrities, have given the public a right to inquire even into their […]