Philippines should push Canada on toxic wastes

For reference: Atty. Harry L. Roque, Jr. 09175398096 Chairperson, Center for International Law     The Philippines should vigorously pursue the liability of Canada under international environmental law – in particular under the Basel Convention – for exporting to the country without the latter’s consent 50 40-footer container vans of hazardous wastes, according to a […]

A lousy speech

That was the lousiest State-of-the-Nation Address I have ever heard. To begin with, the President showed disrespect to his listeners by speaking for more than two hours. The duty to report on the state of the nation is mandated by the Constitution itself. In the discharge of this obligation, the President should have been more […]

The true state of the nation

In fairness to this administration, it would be difficult to discuss the true state of a nation in a 700-word commentary. So instead of discussing all aspects of our lives under PNoy, I will focus on two particular areas, to wit: the promised anti-corruption drive of the administration under the slogan of “daang matuwid,” and […]

Making a mockery of Supreme Court decisions

We knew they would resurrect the Priority Development Assistance Fund and Disbursement Acceleration Program eventually. What we did not expect is that they would do so immediately after the Supreme Court had declared both the PDAF and DAP as being unconstitutional. Talk of being brazen. Talk of being shameless. Talk of being contemptuous. In a […]

Atty. Roque Cautions Against Ampatuan Escape

Centerlaw release Reference: Atty. Harry L. Roque, Jr. 09175398096 Atty. Harry Roque Jr, lead counsel for 13 media and two civilian victims of the Maguindanao Massacre, asked police authorities yesterday to ensure security in the premises of the National Kidney Transplant Institute (NKTI), where principal massacre suspect Andal Ampatuan Sr has lapsed into a coma. […]

Junket to The Hague

Oral arguments on the issue of jurisdiction in our arbitral claim against China should be on-going as I write this column. In a testimonial tendered in honor of former UP Law Dean Raul Pangalangan who was recently elected Judge at the International Criminal Court, Solicitor-General Florin Hilbay told me that he will open the arguments […]

Malacanang is Kabado sa Paliwanag on The Hague junket

Media release For reference: Atty. Harry L. Roque, Jr.   09175398096   What we want to know is how much the Palace is spending on a delegation of 35 people at the Hague in the Netherlands to the oral arguments in the Philippine arbitral case against China over the West Philippine Sea.   Calling me KSP […]

Prof. Roque : China an Agressor Under International Law

MANILA, PHILIPPINES— “China is an aggressor under international law.” That was how Professor Roque characterized China based on its actions regarding the West Philippine Sea dispute in a speech on “Borders and Cross-Border Enforcement” at a forum at Harvard Law School. “China has resorted to unlawful use of force to advance its claims to vast […]

Lina, Parayno and Aguas charged for graft and plunder at Ombudsman

Press Release For Reference: Atty. Harry L. Roque Jr. 09175398096 Click here to download a copy of the Omniprime vs Lina, Parayno and Aguas complaint filed at the Ofice of the Ombudsman today. Customs Commissioner Alberto D. Lina, former Customs Commissioner Guillermo Parayno Jr. and former Customs Deputy Commissioner Primo Aguas face graft and plunder […]

Poe’s citizenship and residency

I am not as bold as either Former Chief Justice Panganiban or Dean Antonio La Vina to say that Grace Poe is definitely a natural born Filipino. Both posit that the so-called incorporation clause which states that generally accepted principles of international law is the legal basis for the so-called “presumption” that the senator is […]

Filing of graft and plunder charges against BOC Commissioner Lina

Notice for Coverage References: Professor Harry L. Roque Jr. 09175398096 and Atty. Romel R. Bagares 09328798422 Omniprime Marketing Inc. will have a press conference at Serye Quezon City Memorial Circle tomorrow, July 2, 2015, Thursday at 9:30 AM. Filing of graft and and plunder charges against BOC Commissioner Lina at the Office of the Ombudsman […]