Reference: Atty. H. Harrry L. Roque 09175398096 Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES — “We are happy that the Philippines has won regarding the issue of jurisdiction,” said lawyer and KABAYAN first nominee Atty. Harry Roque, “but this is only the first step: our legal battle to win our case on the merits against China has just begun.” […]


METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES— “We should hold Indonesia liable for the haze under the Articles on State Responsibility,” said Atty. Harry Roque, in light of the deadly Indonesian haze reaching Philippine territory. Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA) had earlier issued an advisory that moderate haze is affecting the Zamboanga peninsula, and that said […]

2009 Philippine-China Agreement on consular immunity is constitutionally infirm

The 2009 Bilateral agreement between the Philippines and China signed by then DFA Sec. Alberto Romulo, which accorded Chinese consular officials full immunity is constitutionally infirm. Such an agreement which provides for full immunity where international law only accords functional immunity is a new national policy and requires therefore the concurrence of the Philippine Senate. […]

Statement on the recent shooting incident involving Chinese consulate officials in Cebu City

Atty. Harry L. Roque (UP College of Law International Law Professor and First Nominee, KABAYAN Party-List): The recent shooting incident involving Chinese consulate officials in Cebu City should be investigated and prosecuted by Philippine authorities. Consular officials, under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, do not enjoy full immunity. They only enjoy functional immunity or […]

Statement on Pemberton's deportation order

The order of the Bureau of Immigration ordering the deportation of US Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton is a welcome development. It was at the instance of the Laude family that he was made the subject of deportation proceedings. It proves that he is indeed an undesirable alien arising from the killing of Jennifer. […]

My valedictory column

This will be my last column. In the same way that I had my last lecture as a full-time academic at the Malcolm Hall, UP College of Law last Monday, let me share here my reflection on being a full time academic. I never intended to be one. This is because my mother was a […]

Roque Files for Party List Representative

Reference: Atty Harry L. Roque 09175398096 UP Law Professor and Activist Lawyer Harry Roque filed today his Certificate of Nomination as first nominee of KABAYAN (KAlusugan, paBAhay, kabuhaYAN) , a multi-sectoral party list dedicated to the promotion of the economic rights of heath, housing and livelihood. “I have devoted 35 years of my life using […]

Cellphones and wiretapping

I was recently interviewed by a radio station on the applicability of the Anti-Wiretapping Law on a cellphone video showing a Metro Manila Development Authority traffic enforcer attempting to fleece money —“tongpats”—from a female driver. This is the second time I was asked for my opinion on the applicability of the law. The first was […]


Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES— “The Internet is a human right,” said Professor Roque, “and the Government has a duty to make sure that Filipinos get what they deserve, especially when they’re paying for it.” Professor Harry Roque Jr. said this amidst netizens constantly expressing their anger and disgust over the expensive yet spotty internet connection in […]

Southeast Asian lawyers form coalition for free expression

Centerlaw Press Release For reference: Atty. Harry L. Roque Jr. 09175398096. Atty. Romel R. Bagares 09328798422 and Atty. Gilbert Andres 09228952111 Lawyers from five countries in Southeast Asia have met in an historic conference in Cebu, Philippines to form a common front against the repression of freedom of expression in the region. One of their key […]