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  1. A thing that puzzles many people needs a more plausible explanation…

    There were no less than 23 objective instances of plagiarism in the Vinuya v. Romulo. But these 23 were from authors internationally renowned for a stand that agrees with Petitioners about rape and jus cogens. References to them mysteriously disappear…Why have them in there at all when surely the Justices knew of their public position on the main issue?

    Here is a wild speculation: The Court was originally veering towards granting the Petition of Vinuya (else why so many ‘favorable quotations’ from those particular authors?)

    Now notice the date of promulgation 28 April 2010 just two weeks before the May election. Maybe someone powerful enough to influence the Court got a special request from the Japanese Embasssy to intervene and produce a “Midnight Decision” with a non-adverse conclusion.

    This is a largely baseless accusation I admit, but it would neatly explain the strange circumstance of the purloined materials being there yet SCoRP comes to a “twisted around” conclusion.

    We may never know the Truth of course, but surely this is not the unkindest thought about SCoRP during this most infamous week that their reputation has touched a nadir.