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Corona’s contemptible performance

Like millions of others, I was glued to the television the other day watching Chief Justice Renato Corona testify in his own impeachment trial. Everything about last Tuesday was dramatic. First, there was his refusal to take the stand. He then relented and agreed to testify after the Ombudsman had detailed Anti-Money Laundering Council documents […]

Probity and discounts

Sometimes, a fumble can lead to a win. This was what happened two days ago at the Senate in the impeachment hearing of Chief Justice Renato Corona. On Monday, we were enthralled by a declaration that the chief justice was given a whopping 40-percent discount amounting to P10 million by Megaworld. I was then an […]

ON THE CJ ISSUE: A Breach of the Mandate

Presumptive President-elect Noynoy Aquino has been emphatic: he will not recognize an Arroyo appointed Chief Justice. Arroyo supporters have made this a casus belli against the presumptive President-Elect. Can the presumptive Chief Executive ignore an issue that has been ruled upon by the highest court of the land? His critics say this would be an […]