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10 Highlights in Human Rights for 2014

Happy New Year, Philippines! For a second time, here are 10 highlights in the field of human rights in the Philippines for the year that just passed: 1. In February, the Philippine Supreme Court rendered a split decision on the constitutionality of the Cybercrimes Prevention Act. Critics of the law argued that its provisions on […]

Malaysian Courts on Trial: The case of Anwar Ibrahim

I have been a trial observer in Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trials since 1999. In fact, I have only missed to observe his trial once -that was when the Malaysian Court of Appeals overturned the High Court’s previous decision acquitting him from all charges. I made it a point hence to observe oral arguments in Ibrahim’s […]

In memory of Jennifer: Junk Vfa

I am in Olongapo City standing as lawyer for the Laude family in connection with the gruesome murder of Jennifer. To set the record straight, I “did not volunteer” my services to the family. A couple of months back, we had a training here in Subic jointly sponsored by the American Bar Association and the […]

My Lolo and martial law

By Atty. Harry Roque Jr. | Sep. 25, 2014 at 12:01am 3 I was too young to be an activist during martial law. I was fortunate though to have been raised in a family whose religious convictions include that of taking a stand for the poor and oppressed. This is why even if I did […]

P Noy: Why have thou forsaken us?

I wondered what P Noy would say in this year’s SONA about the Maguindanao massacre and other cases of extralegal killings in the country. Since becoming President, he has consistently said something about this malaise. This may be because when he still seeking the people’s mandate, he sought an audience with our clients and promised […]

Joinder of issues on the RH Law

As expected, the pro-lifers stuck to their mantra in their challenge to the RH law. They cited that since the constitutional drafters contemplated “fertilization” as the beginning of life, the RH law, insofar as it mandates the widespread use of the pills and IUD’s, which according to them prevent the implantation of the fertilized zygote […]

AMPATUAN VICTIMS TO SEEK REDRESS WITH UN COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS. 14 Victims signed authority to negotiate a settlement with Ampatuans

On the occasion of the 43rd month commemoration of the Ampatuan massacre, Prof. Harry Roque, Chairman of the Center for International Law and Private Prosecutor of 17 media victims of the massacre, announced that their clients will resort to a filing of a communication with the United Nations Human Rights Committee for the Philippine government’s […]

Big Brother Spying

Americans were enraged when whistleblower Edward Snowden declared that the government was spying on them. According to the whistleblower, he was one of those whose job was to eavesdrop on phone conversations and access email communication without court authorization. This was shocking to the public because of well-established US jurisprudence that protects the people’s right […]

27 Filipinos Petition UN vs. Massive Human Rights Abuses in Sabah

  Last Monday afternoon, 27 concerned Filipino citizens, who are part of civil society organizations (CSO), filed separate communications before two United Nations agencies. A ‘communication’ is a petition before an international body. They urged these two UN agencies to investigate the massive and gross human rights abuses committed on Filipinos in Sabah by Malaysian […]

Communication to the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights

Ms. Navanethem Pillay UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights OHCHR- Palais Wilson United Nations Office at Geneva CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland     Manila, 21 March 2013     Urgent appeal in relation to the massive and gross human rights violations committed against Filipinos in […]