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Leila De Lima


I accompanied the wife and two children of missing lawyer Joe Franck Zuniga to see Justice Secretary Leila De Lima last week. The purpose of the meeting was to solicit the secretary’s assistance in determining the whereabouts of the missing lawyer, the fourth person to have disappeared this year. De Lima did not disappoint. In […]

Arroyo’s rights

Of course I agree with Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. The bigger national interest dictates that Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her husband should not be allowed to leave the country. As attested to by no less than the Secretary of Health, her illness is not one that cannot be addressed by Filipino doctors. The […]


A third journalist was killed in a span of five days. Nestor Bedolido of Digos City was shot six times by a motorcycle riding assailant. Previously, two other journalists—Joselito Agustin from Laoag and  Desidario Camangyan from Mati City, bothe radio commentators —were also killed. Already, the number of journalists killed during the administration of Gloria […]